La maison de l ange

La maison de l'ange ainsi nommé parce que sur sa façade en pan de bois, figure un ange sculpté portant un écu (bord gauche de la photo)
La maison est représentative de ces bâtiments où pan de bois et pierre sont employés conjointement.
Elle a été construite à la fin du XV siécle.
Située à coté de l'office du tourisme .
Le rez de chaussée est une salle d'exposition le premier une salle de réunion pour les associations
The house of the angel thus named because on its frontage in wood side, is reproduced a carved angel carrying one shield (left edge of the photograph).
The house is representative of these buildings where side of wood and stone are employed jointly.
It was built at the end of the XV century.
Located at with dimensions of the tourist bureau.
Ground floor is a showroom, the first a conference room for associations

The angel had remained hidden

it heart although when one speaks about him it is shown; -)

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Martel a dit…

it is very beautiful this house. it is stupid one does not see too the angel, can be soon a zoom

Today before and after the principal place of Martel.
My blog photographs on the town of Martel

Tara a dit…

Ah, the angel is like a hidden treasure! The blue is a very nice color and stands out.

Mandi a dit…


DS2944 a dit…

It's the day of Angels today !!!
Hidden Angel here ... and "Angels With Dirty Faces" there http://beestonblog.blogspot.com/

Lothiane a dit…

It is a lovely building, I love this photo! :)

Kris a dit…

it's very lovely! the blue shutters add a nice touch

Maraï a dit…

Nice picture! It reminds the time me when I came to Chateaubriant to see my family when I was younger. The house is so beautiful!!

Steve Buser a dit…

What a history his house must have. If only the walls could talk.

JAM a dit…

Very nice. In America, many things are considered old if they are 100 or 200 years old. This building was new when Christopher Columbus first landed on North America!

BundaWAH a dit…

Bien ... now i know what is la maison de l'ange you talked about at your september photo theme. Merci Bergson.

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