Chercher sa voie

Dernière voie de chemin de fer, les autres ont été transformées en voies vertes sentier piéton ou piste cyclable. Le train ne siffle plus trois fois.

Last way of railroad, the others were transformed into green lanes pedestrian path or cycle path.
The train does not whistle three times.

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DS2944 a dit…

Comme disait Léo : Superbe image !!! J'aime beaucoup.
Like Léo used to say : What a wonderfull phtotograph. I like it very much.
T'as vu mon anglais Bergman ?

Bergson a dit…

I am very surprised to see that the sun is already raised on Guivinec.
8:05 beaten record

Martel a dit…

it is enough to pass the bridge. In Martel, part of the old railroads were repurchase by an association, and they revived a steam train

This Weekend, I propose on my photo blog on Martel. Before and After.
And amusing, I start with Delfour-Couderc drapery, it was the house of the late arrears Grandparent of Olivier (DP Evry)
(A friend, it is him which me advises to make a blog)
My blog photographs on the town of Martel

Nabeel a dit…

great photo, reminds me of stone mountain park railroad .. it looks lonely but peaceful.

DS2944 a dit…

P'tite grasse of the Sunday ?

Gerald England a dit…

lovely old railway line

Chris in Madison a dit…

I have a very similar photo I took last weekend & will post this week on my site. Thanks for visiting & leaving a comment!

lv2scpbk a dit…

I love how you took this photo. The bridge above is wonderful going over top of the railroad tracks below. The tracks look like they go on forever, which they probably do, but this photograph shows that.

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